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  • Argentina,  Gourmet,  Latin America

    Mate, that weird Argentine drink

    ¿Me pasás un mate? (Could you pass me a mate?) Many tourists are surprised about the Argentine mate and see with surprise how a little bowl with a a metal straw is passed around from one person to another. But what is mate? It is true that the way we drink mate surprises the foreigner, and for some the fact of sharing may result…

  • Argentina,  Gourmet,  Latin America

    Why are Argentines so crazy about their ASADO?

    Argentine Asado I bet that after reading this article, you will be wishing to be in Argentina having a traditional ASADO. Our asado has the same cultural and social rol in our society as el mate. Asado exists to be enjoyed with family and friends. El asado argentino comes originally from life in the open lands of the Pampas, the gauchos…

  • Argentina,  Gourmet,  Latin America

    How to Prepare Chimichurri Sauce – Recipe

    Chimichurri is a traditional Argentinean sauce perfect to accompany roasted meats, sausages and any BBQ meats. The origin of Chimichurri sauce is not clear. There are two theories that stand out. One is related to the English ranchers in Argentina, who would ask the servers: “give me the curry” to dress their meats. To the cooks or to those who…

  • Asia,  Gourmet

    Pad Thai – A trip to Thailand with your taste buds

    Pad Thai is the most typical Thai dish. Pad Thai is an ancient dish and nowadays it is the most popular dish in Thailand. You can find it at the most expensive restaurant in Bangkok or in a street stall in a neighborhood. But what is Pad Thai? Most Thai food dishes combine 4 ingredients: meat (or tofu), vegetables, condiments…