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4 ways to experience Toronto like the locals do

4 ways to experience Toronto like the locals do by Colton Davis

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As the fourth largest city in North America, Toronto has a lot to offer. However, as with many other cities- it can sometimes be difficult to step out of the touristy hot-spots and find some really authentic things to do.


One thing to remember is that Canadians are super friendly. Award-winning travel writer, Ben Groundwater advises tourists to never be rude, as the locals are all so polite and accommodating. And never has this advice been more applicable than when in Toronto, so make sure you’re just as friendly, and they’ll be sure to make you feel right at home!


If you’re planning a trip to this exciting city, we’ve collated the four best ways in which you can experience Toronto, just like the locals, we hope it’s helpful. Enjoy!




Go to Little India

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Packed with incredible little restaurants, markets, and shops, Little India is an ethnic hub tucked away in this huge city.

Head to Gerrard India Bazaar – North America’s largest South Asian ethnic market. There you can sample the best in Asian street food, and see some pretty impressive textiles, too. And if you’re there in July you’ll be treated to the delight that is the festival of South East Asia.

The locals love to eat, drink, and socialise here, so why not do the same? Indulge in some amazing Indian food while making new friends.






 Check out Greek Town 

Also known as the Danforth, Greek Town is jam-packed with restaurants, cafes, bars, and a hefty selection of Greek tavernas.

We suggest heading off the beaten track to find the lesser-known tavernas and restaurants, those which the locals frequent as opposed to those that are heavily tourist-led.

Then eat as the locals do, shop where they shop, and enjoy this little taste of Greece while mingling with the Canadian locals.

What is more, travel there during August and you’ll be lucky enough to catch the Danforth food festival.

Hit up a market 

Kensington Market is a great example, but there are plenty of others. Weekends in Toronto can be spent enjoying the food or a cocktail (or two) whilst meandering amongst trendy stalls and people-watching.

We suggest to make like a local and check out the bohemian vibes, trendy boutiques, and various art spaces. You’ll never be short of things to see and do here.


Head to a sports game 

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Canadians love sport, and Toronto seems to be home to a whole host of different sporting events.

Watch an ice hockey game at the Air Canada Centre, catch the Toronto Maple Leafs (only if you’re visiting between October and April, mind), or spend all day indulging in a real North American pastime – baseball. The Toronto Blue Jays are world-famous, so you can really make a day of it – take a picnic, invite any new-found friends, and above all, just enjoy yourself!


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