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A cabin in the forest of Canada

Out there by the river, a cabin between Ottawa and Quebec, Canada

by guest blogger Paul Machelor

We have a cabin in the middle of the forest in Ottawa, Canada.

Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa is the national capital of Canada, is a wonderful city all four seasons of the year.  My favorite seasons are, in order:  summer, autumn, and winter.  But truly all three are great. Spending a few days in Ottawa and the surrounding area is highly recommended.

The Ottawa River provides a magnificent divide between the city of Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau/Hull, Quebec.  This latter is primarily and richly French.  There are top notch museums and the Parliament Buildings, Rideau Canal, and Byward Market provide lots of enjoyment for walking and shopping and dining.   Go to this website  for more information and be sure to check out Gatineau Park, a very special place to visit on the Quebec side.

About three hours west of Ottawa on Highway 17 is a small town named Deep River, home to about 4,000 residents.  It is a lovely town, spread along the southern shoreline of the stupendous Ottawa River.


For those heading into the bush for some great adventures in fishing, canoeing, kayaking, or hunting, Deep River is a good place to purchase necessities and fill up the gas tank.




Another twenty minutes west and one crosses a picturesque bridge into Quebec.  The charming village of Rapides-des-Joachims is nestled along the river with excellent fishing right off the village dock.  Straight north we go, up the dirt tree-lined roads into the land of wolf, black bear, walleye, and northern pike.  This area is known as a ZEC (a Zone of Environmental Conservation).  There are a total of 63 ZECs in Quebec.   In our ZEC, the forest is immense, deep, and forbidding but it’s full of wildlife and an incredible sense of natural beauty  and spirit of the wild prevail.   The lakes are serene.

View from the cabin


In summer time, enjoy boating, water skiing/tubing, fishing, kayaking, hiking, canoeing, and just hanging out at the fire.  The days are long and warm with the sun setting late in the north.  The loon’s cry and the owl’s hoot pierce the night’s silent vigil.


After a long day fishing, chopping wood for the fire, and preparing meals, sleep comes welcome and beautiful.  Mornings are coffee and a nice walk down to the lake and back.  Thoughts are given to the day’s adventures.

In winter time, options for fun and adventure are many.  Cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, ice skating, ice fishing, dog-sledding, snow-mobiling, and sledding are some of them.  Winters are cold and snowy.  We always dress well so we can enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.  Of course, it’s also great to just sit by a fireplace or wood stove and enjoy a hot beverage, reading and chatting with friends.

Paul, Norma and Maria Emilia outside the cabin Animal footprints

Here are a couple links to explore for further information about the Deep River and the ZEC Rapides des Joachims.  ZEC (zone of environmental conservation).

Cabin in the forest of Canada

The cabin in Winter

My name is Paul, I own a cottage in the ZEC Rapides des Joachims.   I can provide you with more information.  Email me at

Life in the cabin with an amazing view


Paul Machelor for Lolo & Lali Travel Blog